Woltman water meter

  • Remote reading industry woltman water meter
Remote reading industry woltman water meter

Remote reading industry woltman water meter

  • Remote reading industry woltman water meter
  • Product description: Remote reading industry woltman water meter

Remote reading industry <a href=http://www.shwoltmanmeter.com target='_blank'>Woltman water meter</a>

Remote reading industry Woltman water meter


Measuring the volume of cold (hot) water passing through the pipeline.


The remote water meter is our new product which is using patented technology, the Ministry of Construction recommended products.
Compared with other similar products, this kind water meter has the following salient features:
1. High accuracy: the measurement accuracy conforms to ISO4046 standards, the signal error-free transmission.
2. High versatility: applicable to all national standard meter, adapt to technical requirements of different metering systems, the output pulse width of the remote reading water meter is greater than 80ms.
3. High anti-interference ability: stainless steel shell, with stainless steel hose protection against vandalism. Self-magnetic interference function enables remote meter in artificial magnetic interference can work, magnetic needle service life will be up to 6 years.
4. It will not destroy the structure and properties of ordinary water,the whole remote meter can reach to the common performance indicators.
5. Signal transmission: passive switch-off, with the break, short alarm function, according to customer needs, you can use two-wire or three-wire system.

6. It will be easier if combines the outdoor display of the remote meter reading.

Note: You can set the sensor circuit based on user acquisition circuit requirements.


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