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  • DN50 multi jet water meter
DN50 multi jet water meter

DN50 multi jet water meter

  • Product description: DN50 multi jet water meter

Multi-jet, vane wheel, dry-dial, Cold(Hot)  water meter

Type:LXSG-15~50      (DN15mm-DN50mm      1/2inch -2inch  )                                                                        

Material:Brass body, Iron body, Bronze body, Plastic body


--Measuring the total volume of cold portable water passing through the pipeline.


--Multi-jet, dry-dial, easy for maintenance;

--Magnetic drive reliable characteristic, long working life;

--Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and frost, Keep the reading clear in a long term service;

-- Technical data conform to international standard ISO4064 Class B

 Working condition:

Water temperature: 0.1℃~40℃ for cold water meter .

                                     0.1℃~90℃ for hot water meter.

Water pressure : ≤1.0Mpa or1.6Mpa

  Maximum permissible error:

(1) in the lower zone from qmin inclusive up to but excluding qt is ±5%.

(2) in the upper zone from qt inclusive up to and including qs is ±2%;

Hot water meter ±3%


 Pictures of our water meter:


Every kind of water meter can be made to bear 30℃~90℃ hot water meter and can be added pulse to transfer information

as long as your requirement.




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