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Woltman water meter.From our water meter industry structure point of view, China's mechanical and smart meter market table to co-exist, at present most of the stock of water meter or mechanical watches, backward measurement instruments become the biggest obstacle to the implementation of the price ladder.Woltman water meter.
From current national standard level for water meter performance put forward higher requirements, mandatory national standard GB24789-2009, GB17167-2006 measurement accuracy of water measurement instruments also raised above the existing product standards. Ministry of Construction issued the "urban water supply industry in 2010 and technological progress development plan Vision 2020 goals," pointed out the water system flow instrumentation should be preferred measurement accuracy better than 1.0 in the pipe-stage ultrasonic flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter; recommendations a second class water companies have chosen 0.5 and above electromagnetic flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter; emphasis on the development of high accuracy, wide range, low flow measurement instruments.woltman water meter.



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