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select the meter specifications

select the meter specifications

select the meter specifications

1, select the meter specifications

water meter When choosing specifications, should be normally used to estimate the size of the flow rate and flow range, and then select the kind of specifications common flow meter as closest to the value of choice. Because the flow meter in the usual performance stability and durability are the best, more in line with the design requirements. If you consider the future of water through the water capacity of the left margin, then the choice of a water meter may be lower profile on the caliber specifications. Such as the diameter of 200mm pipes due to the current lack of traffic, the choice of 150mm caliber water meter installation, future traffic increases and so the normal flow of the pipeline is 200mm, and back to the same caliber water. Large industrial water users can choose the selection of a larger caliber water meter can also be used several relatively small diameter water meter parallel method, so the user can not affect the normal supply situation for individual repair faulty Water Meters or for the table.



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