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Things meter Overview-woltman water meter

Woltman water meter.In today's popular Things, Things meter has quietly come to our daily lives. And it will be the future trend of development. So what is the meter do things?

Things meter is set GPRS wireless transmission, flow calculation, data acquisition, storage, remote control in one, and the use of the Internet of Things special network to upload data to the cloud server table of a water flow metering equipment. Things from the water meter, cloud server, system monitoring center is composed of Things meter system. Wherein the monitoring center can be divided into intranet, extranet, mobile monitoring center. Things realization meter flow calculation, flow data upload and receive instructions issued under the cloud server and perform; cloud server data store, share, send and other functions under instruction. Monitoring center to obtain the relevant traffic data and receive push message server cloud from the cloud server.

Things meter to the business sector and will bring users a new experience, meter reading will be a revolutionary change. Things relatively common water meter water meter, its advantages are obvious, mainly in the following aspects.

1) from the meter reading, the meter of things to avoid the time-consuming manual meter reading, low accuracy, timeliness is poor, slow statistical data, report data long cycle, low efficiency of work, the things in the water meter reading silent, automatic completion of the user's indoor Water Meters, meter reading will not cause any bother users; in addition, from handwritten and say goodbye.Woltman water meter

2) the use of computer technology and network technology to get a lot of timely water flow data for analysis and decision-making as well as the price ladder implementation deeper for the relevant business sector provides a powerful data support, but also lay a solid foundation for the subsequent deep application.

3) the use of APP software on your phone or tablet, the user can view real-time in addition to its own water meter, the control valve can also remotely control their own water meter on and off, but also for the relevant business sector and IOT meter users to establish a communication platform, the business sector and any user-related information, in the form of a message, pushed things meter users. Allowing users to keep abreast of relevant dynamic information. For example: water information, water information and arrears information, etc. Even pay the water bill can be completed on the APP. To the business sector and users with unprecedented convenience.

4) From the installations, regardless of the original use of large caliber or small caliber water meter, as long as the same caliber Things meter replacement pipe network can be installed, in addition to a slightly different appearance from ordinary water meter, installation complete Like, you do not need to make any changes to the existing network without additional wires and other mounting process. So easy to install, reducing installation costs.

5) Because things relatively independent of each water meter water meter, between the various modules work independently of each other, do not appear similar bus meter reading system, there is a table fails to pull the bus died, the other meter can not be copied back to the phenomenon . Things meter so low failure rate, easy maintenance, reduced maintenance costs, but also in engineering debugging even more convenient.

3. Things meter technical conditions are ripe
Things meter advantage from the point of view, the advantage is very prominent. So, things water meter applications technical conditions mature? Things meter depends on the mobile communications technology, microelectronics technology, Internet technology, battery technology and software technology.

1) With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, the mobile network has 2G networks, 3G networks, 4G networks and the future will certainly launch 5G network, these four network coverage everywhere, especially in 2G GSM network coverage most widely used. Data communication costs are reduced, for a single user, even negligible. This provides a high-speed server interconnect channels Things meter.woltman water meter

2) In recent years the rapid development of microelectronics technology, more and more advanced manufacturing technology, a variety of low-power chips after another, getting lower and lower power consumption, component selection Things meter range becomes larger, resulting in reduced costs, proven solutions also launched.

3) the rapid development of Internet today, things born, China Mobile for the Internet of Things applications specifically open the private network, to avoid mixing common network of information and call the things private network terminal device and lead terminal jamming equipment, which is the Internet of things meter long and stable operation provides a good environment. Other mobile network providers are doing the appropriate work, so practical and reliable communication platform has matured.

4) battery technology development today, the current energy density of the battery has been basically meet the networking needs of the meter, with the development of battery technology, lithium battery energy density may be doubled, for example, the energy density of lithium sulfide is present 5 times the lithium-ion battery, the magnesium battery energy density is 8-12 times that of lithium-ion batteries. By then, the volume of the water meter of things will be smaller, longer battery life, life will be much more than 10 years, or even 20 or 30 years are likely to fully meet the needs of end users.

5) In recent years, ANDROID and IOS ecosystem rapid development of smart phones, tablet PCs and smart TVs and other smart devices a lot of popularity, which makes things meter by these servers and intelligent devices interconnected to achieve things with people meter interconnection possible. True interoperability and objects, so things based consumer platforms can also be a healthy development, greatly benefit Things meter applications.



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