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irrigation Water Meters for sale

The water meter price, how much of a product may not be enough descriptive information detailed and comprehensive, if you need more detailed understanding of the water meter price, how much money a related information or to request information, please feel free to contact me!

The water meter price, how much money a [Phone +0086 13131984716] high square "in the water" named in Japan, "water" is defined as more than one interpretation, referred to as "recycled water" in wastewater engineering, factory aspect called "irrigation water meters for sale

Reuse water ", the general water quality as a distinguishing mark of its mainly refers to municipal sewage or sewage treated reached a certain quality standard

Can be reused within a certain range of non-potable water. In the United States, Japan, Israel and other countries, toilet flushing, garden and irrigation, road

Road cleaning, car washing, city fountains, cooling water and other supplementary equipment, all use a lot of water. Our country is the lack of water, but the head

There were no water use for special projects, there is no special funds only guide policy, the amount of water conservancy cities are based on this city

Different water level dependent.
The meter Technical parameters:
Water meter: Class 2
Meter Type Size mm:
A type DN15: 165 × 86 × 110
DN20: 195 × 86 × 110
DN25: 225 × 86 × 110

B type DN15: 165 × 84 × 105
DN20: 195 × 84 × 105
DN25: 225 × 84 × 105

Meter working temperature:
Of cold water: 0-40 ℃
Water table: ≤90 ℃
Water meter valve type: Ball

Remote smart meter system configuration
Remote meter reading system consists of straight, collector, concentrator, data centers (computers and software management) composition; there are valve-regulated and non-valve-controlled two series



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