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irrigation water meter

With rotor type water meter (DN15-DN65) as Lo Wing-meter speed also is a kind of Water Meters. When the water flows into the meter, the impact in the axial direction after the water meter screw impeller rotating wing outflow is proportional to the rotational speed of the impeller and the water flow rate, after the reduction gear, displays the total amount of water through the water meter on the pointing device.irrigation water meter

Lo Wing-meter into Lo Wing-level meter and vertical Lo Wing-meter two categories. Most of the domestic industry tables are used by Lo Wing-level meter. Also removable Lo Wing-meter (dry), because of its wide range of flow measurement, parts versatility, installation and maintenance can be kept in case the water table was not removed, etc., has become one of the series products, users are welcome.

Rotor type water meter suitable for measurement of the total one-way flow in small diameter pipes. Such as 15mm, 20mm specifications metering domestic water pipes with caliber. This meter is mainly composed of housing, impeller measuring mechanism and reduction mechanism, and the instruction sheet, it has a simple structure characteristics. [1] points are many, including without mechanical output style. Band signal output, multi-band signal output is an analog output, but also the back-end digital technology patented style. Further rotor type water meter measuring principle, there are many, for example, water wing drive gear is rotated to count, there is the rotary-wing revolution output a pulse signal each, back of the circuit to count. Rotary Wing Single-jet water meter works: water inlet from the case so as to cut the impeller rotates in the impact, and then continuously recording the number of revolutions of the impeller through a gear reduction mechanism, thus recording the cumulative flow through the meter.
Rotor type multi-jet water meter works with Single-jet water meter is basically the same, it is through the action of the impeller distribution box, the box multi-beam flow from the impeller inlet tangential impact impeller so that the axial flow impeller impact balanced, reducing the wear and tear of the impeller support portion and reduce the water meter installation from the structure, scale on the meter error, the overall performance was significantly higher than stream water meter.



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