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Faced with such a huge market opportunity, how to take advantage of the smart meter, looking for market position, combined with the development of business-related strategies and marketing policies, we continued to build on the effective marketing?

Sales is the lifeblood of business survival and development is the core of business operations, no sales, all companies will come to naught, a lot of people talk about sales, it is simply considered to be "selling" this is very one-sided understanding of sales fact of life everywhere in the sales, because sales is actually a demand analysis, judgment needs to address the needs to meet process requirements. But in practice, a lot of people not very successful sales and marketing staff desperately appointment, to explain, to please the customer, ran off the legs, frayed mouth, the customer is not buying it; correct the reason, in fact, analysis, judgment, With deviation addressing the needs of the customer's needs are not met, it is difficult to achieve marketing goals.
Marketers often see each time a customer can not wait to see the introduction of their products, quotations, can not wait to turnover, listening to expert marketers explain to customers the camel, people often lament their lack of sales skills, making him expertise can not play very well.
No matter what kind of product sales, as a good marketing person, we should be aware of:
1, so that customer trust is very important; it is the first step to successful marketing.
2, before the first person to do business; (ie: Virtue, the method followed)
3, have long eye vision; far-sighted point, success is far away from you.
4, should have a strong ambition; you do not want the general's soldiers is not a good soldier.
There is a pattern of sales. The basic flow of sales is known to everyone, then, how do the smart meter sales? Now some personal sales experience and sales experience, to share with you.



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