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At 9 a.m. on April 7th, 2016, from the United States customers Gerry a line of two people goo to the water meter an on-the-spot investigation and visit production workshop.Our company's foreign trade commissioner, Nancy, Tracy welcome the distinguished guests warmly.

Gerry engaged in water treatment about 30 years,initially exported from the United States to China,
With the era and the status quo of China's influence and transform the export model into import mode, turning to business return to the United States.

During Nancy introduced product information in detail to the client , the process continues to 4 PM, the final customer has carried on the full affirmation to product quality and company strength, and determine the relationship of water treatment and the long-term procurement of water meter.

This time Gerry’s visit greatly promote their cognition to each other,is also a double trust to us,to our water meter test link, product quality is very satisfied and laid a solid foundation for our larger cooperation .

Gerry has their own professional water treatment company local in the United States,Relating to the field is very broad.Hope to find a long-term cooperation company in China.At the same time for the company's products, the production is very satisfied,given our company a high degree of evaluation.Gerry is interest in or our multi-jet dry-dial water meter, hot water meter, irrigation water meter, single-jet water meter several kinds of products.And discuss with our personnel for long product technology, said there are strong long-term cooperation intention, and work together to develop the market.
With company service influence and market reputation gradually enhanced, foreign client’s come and visit constantly.For company go abroad and go to the world to lay a solid foundation.



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