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Woltman water meter installation What needs attention?

1 meter Select: To select the appropriate size according to meter diameter, flow rate, etc., to avoid overload and damage. Woltman water meter

Table interface specifications for the nominal diameter, according to the general public the nominal diameter pipeline configuration of the meter, so that the flow will not exceed its maximum
2 Determine the installation site: water meter installation in viewing convenience, without exposure, without cold and uncontaminated place,
General introduction of the meter tube is mounted in the outdoor water meter wells, basements or private rooms. Home alone with a little water, surface mounted
On each produced water mains. Before water meter valve should, water from the shell wall shall not be greater than 30mm, center distance meter other
A wall (end) a distance of 450 ~ 500mm, installation height 600 ~ 1200mm. To ensure that the water meter registration
Indeed, the upstream end of Lo Wing-meter water meter should be 8 to 10 times the nominal diameter of straight pipe before and after the other type of meter should
Of not less than 300mm of straight pipe sections. When the water meter before and after the straight pipe length is greater than 300mm, its application beyond the pipe bend
Lead head against the wall, lay along the wall, from the center of the tube wall 20 ~ 25mm.
3 pipe decontamination: water meter before installation, the pipeline should be in addition to the net in the dirt, to avoid clogging, preferably before the installation of Water Meters over
4 direction, location: water meter can be installed in horizontal pipelines, to maintain the level of the dial, and the meter housing
Direction arrow matches the direction of flow, not upside down. Before and after the water meter valve should be installed, without water or not allowed for consumption
Anti-pipeline architecture, but also set up a bypass line, then the rear side of the meter to be installed check valve, the valve on the bypass pipe to be provided
5 Connection: When DN≤40, threaded connection; DN≥50, the flange connection.



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