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Woltman water meter, OK?

Lo Wing-meter, also known as V Terman (Woltman water meter) meter is a velocity-type meter, suitable for use in large-diameter pipe, which is characterized by a large flow capacity, pressure loss.

Like with rotor type water meter, Lo Wing-meter speed also is a kind of Water Meters. When the water flows into the meter, the impact in the axial direction after the water meter screw impeller rotating wing outflow is proportional to the rotational speed of the impeller and the water flow rate, after the reduction gear, displays the total amount of water through the water meter on the pointing device.
Lo Wing-meter into Lo Wing-level meter and vertical Lo Wing-meter two categories. Most of the domestic industry tables are used by Lo Wing-level meter. Also removable Lo Wing-meter, because of its wide range of flow measurement, parts versatility, installation and maintenance can be kept in case the water table was not removed, etc., it has become one of the products, by users welcome.



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