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Woltman water meter Monopoly

We all know that a lot of marketers excessive speaking competition problems on their own successful marketing is disadvantageous, let the product we sell, when asked about the situation of the competitors do not know when to say. In fact, so wrong! When trust is not established, the customer, and you may stand in terms of the relative opposition, relatively speaking, there is a certain contradiction, too much to do it this time, analysis of competing products, the customer will have what you do very offensive ; but if by contact, the two sides have established a sense of trust, you have to when he proposed effective solutions, customers may prefer to hear some of the advantages and disadvantages of competing brands, relatively speaking, expect you to do more analysis of competing products, or this when the process is interrupted, and not carry.

At this stage, as not only to analyze the competing products, and customers must keep clear, where we fortunately,       where the other party is not good (but it must be objective, not a malicious attack).
In this case analysis has two effects:
On the one hand provide sufficient basis for his final purchase;
On the other hand, after he used our smart meter will certainly be around to show off: "? I chose your company is really good, how kind you use," we give him enough arguments talk to others to debate, to prove that he It is the most sensible choice, while helping us build your company market reputation and marketing.



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