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Since the reform and development, especially in the 21st century, China in all aspects of social, economic and other earth-shaking changes have taken place, the impact on natural resources and the environment is greater, how to better effective on freshwater resources, rational development and utilization has urban development become an important issue in most cities in China are facing cases of severe water scarcity, urban water supply and effective management is very important, and freshwater resources, the water industry is facing an increasingly pan-Kui, urban construction and management of water to the pressure arrears and water constraints on the development of water supply industry, the rapid development of social, economic and technological change is bound to drive the water management system, the introduction of modern high-tech, intelligent, improve management efficiency is the only way the water industry. Water industry management model is based on the measurement meter built up, the main problems currently facing the domestic water industry, the first to solve the meter reading and charging hard, heavy workload problem, currently the most appropriate table with should be intelligent meter, especially January 3, 2014, the national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and urban issued "guiding opinions on establishing and Perfecting the urban residential water price ladder system" before the end of 2015 requirements, the full implementation of the price ladder residents of all cities on the national principle after the release of the file system, according to the documentation requirements in the national medium and small cities should build on the smart meter price ladder, intelligent copy control and other intelligent management. (According to the analysis: in 2012 the national water meter market demand of about 60 million units, of which nearly 10 million smart meter units, accounting for 24% of sales meter.)



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