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Traditional water meter-SHmeters

Traditional water meter

Traditional water meter

The internal structure of a conventional meter from outside to inside the housing can be divided into the sleeve, the inner core of the Big Three. Housing is cast iron, the water came out from the inlet through the lower portion of the annular space of the housing, here called "Under the donut." Above this annular space has "the donut" and outlet connected. Bottom of the sleeve there is a small hole with a filter, filter out debris in the water. There are two rows of the upper and lower side of the sleeve hole, the position of the hole coincides with the upper and lower ring chamber housing front, obviously, the lower is the water hole, the row is the water hole. Of particular note is that the two rows of holes are along the circle tangential direction at an angle to play. Note down two rows of holes opposite direction. Water flows from the lower row of holes into the tangential direction, is bound to form a revolving flow, which for the water meter work is very important. Inner core is divided into upper, middle and lower layer, the upper layer is seen from the windows, only the pointer and dial. In fact, the most critical is lower, and there are plastic wheels, the edge there are many plastic blade, called a "wheel."

Location right in the impeller rotating flow sleeve hole formed in the lower layer, the current rush to the wheel rim blades, torque is generated, so that the impeller to rotate. Leading open the bigger, the more urgent the water, the impeller to turn faster.
Impeller shaft vertically upwards to the middle, there is a small gear shaft above, and use it to "Decimal gear" engagement, the purpose of the cumulative number of revolutions. Role "Decimal gear" is the single digits whenever gear turn ten laps, ten digit gear on the revolution. In other words, the single digits gear revolution, tens gear to turn out the circle. Single digits gear is active one, is sufficient to drive the tens gear. Virtually every decimal one gear complete with two pairs, so that the rotation in the same direction in which a pair transmission ratio is 9:30, and the other pair is 10:30, two pairs connected in series, the overall ratio is this the product of the two, i.e., 0.099999, can be approximated as 0.1. On this basis, if you want to read the seven digits (the decimal point before reading four black graduation, three decimal places read red scale), you have to use 12 pairs of gears. Plus some other purpose, in the middle of this small space to squeeze in 18 axes and 34 gears, can also be regarded as a high-density mounting. Such water meter with its simple and inexpensive, long-term use in wet environments without the need for maintenance and no power outage does not affect the merit of the work will still long service.



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