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Traditional flow meter adjustment method

Woltman water meter.As shown in Figure 2: In my company's traditional rotor type water meter in common, such as: DN15 water meter, the lower end of the impeller box with eight holes diversion, diversion hole height is 5.5mm, a width of 2.4mm, the impeller box ( F intake) is the sum of the areas

F into the area = 8 × (5.5 × 2.4) = 105.6 (mm) 2
In Q3 flow meter, (A feed) tune
Take the whole range of 10%, you can adjust the error
The range of ± 5%, adjusted to take impeller cartridge bore surface
Volume of (F into the area) of 10%, the
A forward area = 105.6 × 10% = 10.56 (mm) 2

Woltman water meter

Impeller cartridge adjustment hole diameter is

A feed diameter = 2 × 15.6π√≈3.6 (mm)
When the open area at the bottom of the impeller box regulating hole is 1/2, F a = F + A feed intake, so the theoretical error meter to 0 when adjusting hole is closed, the error is positive 5%, contrary to negative of
5%. Of course, this situation is a theoretical state. However, due to a variety of factors, the actual meter testing, there are individual differences in the accuracy of the meter, test personnel need to be adjusted, adjustment needs to observe with the naked eye the way to the bottom of the box to adjust the impeller regulating hole openings (such as adjusting holes 1/2 open area), even experienced quality control personnel, it is difficult to the degree of opening of each impeller meter box at the bottom of the regulating hole (area) is adjusted to the same size with the naked eye the way, making it difficult to ensure that the water meter a table mounted passing rate reaches a higher level.



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