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The significance of the successful development of anti-drip water meter

In the current drip solve many measurement methods and measures, from a technical point of view, it is recommended to count our latest successful development LXSF-15E, LXSF-20E type anti-drip water meter. The table is based on magnetic principles, creative use of an outcome simple operation and flexible, non-toxic rust-free, long-life components and Yamin combined into new ordinary water meter. Its initial flow rate reaches better than 0.5L / h measurement results. The product by the China Institute of Metrology and Beijing measurement detection test, various technical indicators have reached or exceeded the state standards of requirements which the initial flow DN20 reach 0.19L / H, DN15 reach 0.09 / h. The meter can be measured not only dripping, but also affected the water table of the pipe network pressure instability of the water meter. Such anti-drip water meter can play water metering, water does not measure, regardless of the size of the flow of water or drip, drip regardless of human or inadvertent taps loose relationship to provide fair, notarization, accurate accounting for the reasonable pricing and reliable digital basis. But also to the negligence of water managers and water were warning of theft, according to the report that user. Beijing residential floor 30 of a normally sub-table table than the total cumulative monthly Chaoshu lost more than 27% water.
Since September 2002 the trial of anti-drip water meter, the monthly rate of lost water drops to 1.7%. Apparently "anti-drip water meter" has become a water pipe network "run, run, drip, leak," the nemesis, but also their will to aquaculture companies, property management and the majority of users trust was "notary mentor" It is envisaged that with the anti-drip water meter technology industrial promotion was applied, it would have to be current traditional water meter metering technology was a major breakthrough in home and abroad, but also for water management, water does not get widespread metering, pipeline leakage excessive water lose money trouble among users measurement dispute and other outstanding issues, have notarized an effective measurement instruments.



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