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The most widely used water meter type on the market

Water Meters as a trade settlement measurement instruments,water meter suppliers, water resources in the current general lack of circumstances, the water meter for the conservation of water played a key role in the product, more and more people attention.
From the initial ordinary mechanical water meter, to the current photoelectric direct reading Water Meters, intelligent water meters, water meter industry has a leap-forward development.

Of course, the development of water meters is inseparable from the needs of users, there is a demand for development. Customer demand for water caused by the different characteristics of different. For now, I personally think that smart IC card water meter in the proportion of the market is the largest. Compared with the traditional ordinary water meter, smart IC card water meter technology can bring many new changes:

(1) to change the home table charges model.

(2) for the water sector, you can achieve the first pay water supply model.

(3) can effectively solve some technical problems.

For example, with the tension of water resources. Will be gradually implemented over the planned price of water and even ladder-type water more complex water management model. These will provide a higher technical requirement for water supply transactions. The use of ordinary water meter and manual meter reading mode, is difficult to solve these technical problems, and the use of smart IC card water meter, will be very easy to solve these problems.

Smart IC card water meter (such as various types of card table) development, there are still many problems, each have their own advantages, but often can not avoid these or which problems, the overall look reflected in the quality and use of services on the two Big problem, the quality of their own product design, production processes and electronic components and other reasons.

There are also problems with the use of environment and service tracking. This is not a quality problem, due to improper use or environmental impact is not promptly handled and upgraded to quality accidents, so I think the smart IC card water meter has yet to be continuously developed and improved in technology, quality and service in several links basically get Protection, in order to form a larger development situation.
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