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Smart meter installation method

Smart meter installation method

Smart meter installation method

1, first select the appropriate location to install the smart meter to find the correct installation caliber.

2, the installation remember is mounted horizontally. The surface of the smart meter is up, the smart meter housing have an arrow, watch the water flow in the installation direction of the arrow direction is consistent. Smart meter is not suitable for installation in a place where there is sun exposure and is flooded, it will be polluted local smart meter to be read, so during installation and disassembly of course, should also pay attention to meter reading convenience. To avoid the meter fails, install a new pipeline is sure to clean the inside of the debris, which will effectively reduce the unnecessary trouble meter.

Smart meter

3, before and after the smart meter should install a valve, so you can control the water flow, the use of smart meter time to both gates are open. In addition to installing the valve outside should also be on the downstream straight pipe run, the straight pipe is necessary, the straight tube length also have certain requirements, 10D following is an upstream pipeline requirements, 5D following is downstream piping requirements.

4, installation of Water Meters is also a factor to be considered, the accuracy of measurement of the smart meter, water meter in order to ensure accurate, we should be downstream of the pipeline installation in more than 0.5 meters above the water meter position. Another influence is the cleanliness of the water meter pipe, if there is debris in the water can easily lead to inaccurate measurement, so more attention should be in normal use, there is something to clean up debris and clean as soon as possible.



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