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Smart look-up system" began today in the city to promot

Raise the lid of the water table, and then visually difficult to identify large numbers above the beans, and then the previous month's readings, calculate the amount of water this month --- this trouble tradition is about to be a new way to look-up table "smart look-up table"
Unsubstituted manner, the time is only the way the new 1/5, and accuracy can reach 100%. Yesterday, the Municipal Corporation runoff to reporters from a live demonstration of this new way, specific promotion begins today in the city of.Woltman water meter
Meter Reader swept away like a look-up table
"Now the security of the new water meter, we completely at ease!" Yesterday, in advance a "Xihua Jiayuan" households "smart look-up system," the pilot told reporters. Previous meter readings thanks MRs naked eye, misperceptions can occur from time to time, now installed a new water meter, water meter machines to see, let them worry more.
At the scene, I saw the water company's meter readers to come up with a rectangular Meter Reader, the alignment of a total unit water-table readings outside the box window, within 6 seconds by infrared scanning, box 6 meter all readings will be "copied" to the meter Reader. "Before this meter to check the meter box open, and then one by one to see with the naked eye, it usually takes at least 30 seconds, but can not guarantee 100% correct, and now fast and accurate!" Of Bin MRs reporter said.Woltman water meter
Users can enjoy the popularity of the family table
"In addition to the exact look-up table, the system can protect the water table from damage, prolong meter life." City Water Corporation establishment the person in charge. Since the infrared scanning system can achieve reading all meters are in the meter box "home", and meter boxes must use a special key to open, so the case previously exposed meter will no longer appear.
Yesterday, the water company announced that the city's more than 30,000 a table of a user (referred to as the family table user) will all promote the use of this new way of look-up table; and users of traditional water meter can be transformed by the existing water meter after, convenient and accurate intelligence on the use of look-up system.Woltman water meter



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