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Situation smart IC card table and Problems

Woltman water meter.IC card appearances for other intelligent remote meter, the biggest advantage lies in its need wiring, you can work by an internal battery, but in need VRLA occasions, the characteristics greatly restricted. The main reason is that the current meter pipe with an electronically controlled multi-valve to the main electric valve. This feature of the valve is the starting current is large, and has a relationship with a certain proportion of the pressure pipe network, so when the operation of the valve, the transient characteristics of the battery test is very bad. If the battery can not afford, ranging from valves stop working, resulting in failure of the operation, while as the battery voltage drops momentarily, causing the collapse of the entire operating system or even crash. And with this risk increases battery life. Currently also use instant super capacitor solve power supply problems, but only to reduce the impact on the battery, and can not be completely avoided.
On the other hand, due to the quality of the pipe network, electric valves require periodic testing, resulting in failure to prevent rust, but regular testing of such a global scale, will not prevent the user's normal water disturbances which result disturbing,
In addition, lithium batteries as a power supply is usually selected IC card table manufacturer, but in the case of China has strongly advocated environmental protection, energy saving, large-scale use of lithium batteries in the spirit of the civil meter which is not in line with the state to promote.

2. The top issue
IC card table, the purpose of most users is to advance corporate water, for this, companies need to recharge multiple distribution points, and the purchase of prepaid card reading equipment, which the user is in itself a big investment, and Intelligent remote meter reading system is relatively uneconomic. In addition, IC card itself is a point of failure. From the traditional contact type IC card, the user can use the waste card reader malicious plug mouth, causing the reader failure, forcing the water supply enterprises ranging from maintenance and increased maintenance costs. Heavy water is stolen, the counter-claims compensation for the loss of water supply enterprises meter failure caused the like. The new generation of RFID technology using non-contact IC card table, as there will be the problem, and the non-contact IC cards are more easy to imitate, to crack the code to copy a lot, the consequences caused is immeasurable.

3. Sensing measurement issues
Currently, most of the IC card table in terms of water use inductive or reed switch and other magnetic induction originals, such devices are used in water meter there is a big flaw, the main reason is water meter installed in the pipe network pressure changes frequently, due to changes in pipe network will lead to "water hammer" phenomenon, the consequences of this phenomenon is caused by the vibration meter with pipe vibrates, causing the reed switch malfunction. On the other hand, using the other way pass sensing device sensing water, also exposed to strong magnetic fields, or even a magnet can cause failure of induction. Due to power control by using larger sensing devices and other power can not meet the design requirements, so the IC card table can only use this relative power sensing technology.Woltman water meter
At present, except for a few areas, most of the domestic use of the smart meter area are invariably uses intelligent remote meter program, many of the original use of the smart IC card water meter business, but also long-term use, because of these reasons , have abandoned the use of IC card table, instead looking to the intelligent remote water meter. In the long run, the smart IC card table intelligence in some special occasions, such as villas, due to the mutual distance between the water meter far, the use of remote data collection approach is not economical, consider using the IC card table. And in most cases, to use the smart remote meter primary choice.



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