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See how smart meter? How to correctly choose the smart meter?

See how smart meter? How to correctly choose the smart meter?

See how smart meter? How to correctly choose the smart meter?

Traditional water meter has been eliminated, a new generation of smart meter has entered the general public families. All right now, both with external battery meter RF card meter card with waterproof function, with the former use of the meter is somewhat different, so it's smart meter to see how it? How to correctly choose the smart meter? Here Xiaobian together with you to share it!

one. See how smart meter?

1, "M3" indicates the unit of measure (cubic meters)

2, "Red instrument" after the decimal point indicates the scale of measurement readings. The following table are four instruments. 6562 meter display when the parties were in the "red meter", that indicates the meter reading is 10.6562 tons.

3, red wheels do not mind, from x1, x10, x100, x1000 began to read, are bits, ten, one hundred, one thousand as x1 file is 5, x10 gear is 2, x100 files is 3, 325. each file is then read every little read, such as needle x10 stalls on the edge, but not to the 3 3, 2 is read, the same as all other files.

Old water meter is divided into four black and four red table table clockwise are:

1000/100/10/1 / 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001 / 0.0001. Black table represents more than a ton, the red represents less than one ton. Let's say this digital 8 small table pointer are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. So the number of tons of water for you: 1234.5678 tons.

Second, how to choose the smart meter?

Currently excellent smart meter should have the following characteristics:

The first is the external battery meter with waterproof moisture;

The second non-contact IC card meter;

The third has a write-back function meter;

The fourth is economical and practical, cost-effective water meter;

The fifth is the production company with independent intellectual property rights, the strength of enterprises, enterprises with good after-sales service of Water Meters.

We also have a smart meter by the above analysis, a certain understanding, there are five smart meter: AMR smart meter, the code prepaid water meter card water meter, infrared remote meter,two-way valve controlled network water meter, each It has its own advantages and disadvantages .We hope to help you make the right choice in the purchase process. These are the smart meter information about the matter, and small series to share here.



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