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SH-MECH METERS’s hot selling products in Iran --- Woltman

SH-MECH METERS’s hot selling products in Iran --- Woltman

As the leading woltman supplier in China , SH-MECH brand Woltman water meter is more welcomed in Iran market due to the low cost , high quality , high accuracy and perfect service .

The Woltman water meter is designed for use with heavily contaminated water, e.g. in agriculture, in sewage treatment plants or wastewater systems.

This field of application requires particularly robust meters that also function reliably under the most difficult conditions. Our irrigation meters guarantee this by positioning the measuring insert in the upper section of the pipe, where there is generally only a small number of suspended particles in the running water. The meter easily takes a level of impurity of up to 30% in its stride. Where there is very heavy contamination, external filters can be inserted upstream of the water meter. The factory-tested measuring insert is the same for all meter sizes and can be delivered with the following measurement accuracy:

Qmax-Qt: ± 3% (value class A+B)

Qt-Qmin: ± 5% (value class A)

SH-MECH woltman’s  Features

--Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal use within this range detachable without Removing the meter from the pipeline;

--Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss;

--Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and Keep the reading clear in a long term service;

--Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic;

--Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.

Warmly welcomed the enquiry and factory visit .

It is our long time faith and struggling direction that making Quality, Prestige and Service become the first class together. We will create long brilliance together with all partners just as in the past.



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