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Pulse remote meter may be common to all national standard water meter-SHmeters

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Woltman water meter

   Far EasTone intelligent remote part of the pulse meter can be conveniently connected to the ordinary meter up, as long as the meter is in line with national standards, without any change in the situation, you can easily use the docking.Woltman water meter

   This feature is direct-reading remote meter can not be done.
   "Passive switch" pulse remote meter fully equipped with a direct-reading the same effect.
   "Passive switch" pulse remote meter usual job does not require power supply (passive), at the moment only run counter to the position (0.1 square of water) to power, after counting is completed (one second) off immediately.
   This fully ensure the accuracy and reliability exactly its "direct read out" effect and passive straight remote meter reading. Remote meter reading is to solve the problem of electronic data and mechanical data read out an agreement on the line, more simple and more reliable.



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