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Meter correct pronunciation

Meter correct pronunciation

Meter correct pronunciation

Water is the source of life, every day we have water. How much water can be count by the meter, learn to see the meter can not only help us save water and avoid waste, the meter-reading people's water statistics we can be aware of. Household Water Meters to see how, following small series in three different kinds of water meter as an example to illustrate how to look for household Water Meters.

First, household water meter to see how
The first: a digital meter to see how
The former four digital meter is black, the first five numbers are red, and only three red pointers. Red pointer next to "× 0.1" says that "with the pointer pointing to the number × 0.1 T."; red pointer next to "× 0.01" says that "with the pointer pointing to the number × 0.01 T." ...... therefore should be on the table degree to 0.3485 tons.

The second: Analog meter to see how

First, look at one thousand tons bits, one thousand tons bit pointers between 0 and 1, so one thousand tons bits read zero;

The second step, look at the tonnage of one hundred, one hundred tonnage pointer between 7 and 8, so one hundred tonnage reading of 7;
Household water meters to see how graphic meter correct pronunciation
Figure 4
The third step is to look at the tonnage of ten, ten tonnage pointer between 6 and 7, so ten tonnage reading of 6;
Household water meters to see how graphic meter correct pronunciation
Figure 5
The fourth step, the last to see a tonnage tonnage pointer between 8 and 9, the tonnage reading of 8;
After the above steps, and finally we come to the number of 1 meter is 768 tons.
Third: to see how the smart meter
Household water meters to see how graphic meter correct pronunciation
In recent years, new buildings and replacement of water meters use substantially all of the user IC card smart meter, its plate and digital meter are basically the same, not repeat them here. IC card smart meter recharge after use, water users more economical, convenient, such as the amount of the card is used up, the supply of water also.
Remind users when using this meter, pay attention to recharge and recharge the correct way to enter the water meter, water meter to ensure normal operation.
Second, the water meter to see how common sense
Between one hundred meter 2 with 3, 3 fast approaching the edge is 2 to read it? What happens to read 3, must be completely over the edge 3, and if so, then facing 3, 2 or read 3?
In fact, with the watch, the hour hand and the minute there is a link, but a plurality of meter pointer at different rotational shaft. When the pointer is between two numbers will have to read a small number, one hundred meter with between 2 and 3, 3 fast approaching the edge, 2 is read, then look ten digits must be about 8, because other 10 went to 10 bits 8, one hundred 3 will correct me.
With respect to the total water consumption meter moisture meter readout error, supplemented as appropriate dosage according to relevant regulations. If the water is not, move the red pointer still rotating, it indicates that the device has a water leakage should be promptly repaired. In addition, the installation of water meters must be maintained in a horizontal direction ping. And should avoid roasted, blanched, flooding and severe vibration, to extend the life of the meter to ensure accurate measurement.
Third, the term commonly used water meter
1, the speed-meter: installed in a closed conduit, made a motion components, the flow velocity directly by it to gain momentum speed meter.
2, volumetric water meter: Installation in the pipeline, meter by some to be successively filled with fluid and a discharge capacity of a known volume of the fluid chamber and with the drive mechanism consisting of, or simply quantitative emission-meter.
3, overload flow rate (qs): water meters in a short time, and under no damage, the maximum flow rate of use, its value is twice the usual traffic.
4. Common flow (qp): water meter in normal operating conditions, ie under steady or intermittent flow, the best use of the traffic.
5, transitional flow (qt): Traffic flow range is divided into two zones premises arise. "Upper zone" and the "lower zone" each consisting of a region of the maximum permissible error characterized.
6, the minimum flow rate (qmin): within the limit of the maximum permissible error requirements given minimum flow meter in. It is about values and meter code.
7, the pressure loss: at a given flow rate and pressure in the presence of the pipeline caused by the decrease of the water meter.



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