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Woltman water meter

Lo Wing-level meter, also known as the turbine meter, refers to the kind of meter wing screw axis parallel to the axis of the water pipe (or overlap), which impeller screw-wing shape. This is not to say that this meter can be installed horizontally. Of course, as this is really necessary vertical meter installation, you should choose the water side of the wing screw shaft bearing bore in the end face of the flat bearing mounted jewel meter to reduce friction resistance, prolong meter life. Some imported models Lo Wing-meter uses balancing technology, can tilt vertical and horizontal working, but working in the non-state level meter measurement level to lower level.Woltman water meter

Nominal 80 ~ Lo Wing-meter diameter 200mm schematic structure shown in Figure 2-12, in fact, was Figure in Appendix C Figure C.7. Lo Wing-level meter consists of the case, rectifier, regulator error, wing screw, bracket, worm, counter mechanism, table glass, gasket and the cover and other component parts.Woltman water meter



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