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Irrigation water meter Price / offer

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irrigation water meter Price / offer

Irrigation water meter Price / offer

Irrigation, is the people to improve the agricultural industry as a crop to be doing one thing, along with the cities (especially the recent drought in Henan news) from drought, irrigation water use by the attention, we need to take a toll system to ease water tension.
Cities begin installing large-caliber pre-paid smart meter, such as plain County took the lead on the installation of such large-caliber pre-paid smart meter, every household in the large-caliber smart meter prepaid card. "Credit card" is "a card table with two pump network along two" new irrigation mode of implementation of the county, village-level administrative region in which the unit was built pumping station, installation of smart IC card recharge control pumping stations open in each a branch pipe header card smart meter installation of irrigation and water meter fixed control manifold, and a multi-card, one card per household, according to the card payment, card water.

In order to facilitate the life of the people, Anhui irrigation water meter manufacturers introduce Anhui irrigation water meter, the use of its products by the majority of all users can achieve diversification of product range, a common type of meter reading, as well as pre-paid card style, Anhui irrigation meter offer low prices.

Irrigation water meter is characterized by:
1, when the remaining water alarm water, close the valve tips. Irrigation valve open until the water runs off valve, the user card to purchase water to open the valve, can automatically control the water off.
2, detecting the battery voltage of the battery discharge when the linear load, lower than the set value, close the valve tips. Users irrigation valve can be opened 72 hours without changing the battery completely off valve.
3, water meter automatic monthly opening and closing the valve again.
4, this table has an automatic check function can check the bad drive, a memory error, the wrong card, and so on back to the mistake.
5, insert a new table for the first time the user card, card number, table number (user ID) and the purchase of water write a new table, one can use both hot and cold, pure Water Meters all three.
6, when the user needs to replace the meter, the recovered transfer card into the old table, read all the information in the table, then the card is inserted into the new table, the old table all incoming information on the new table.
Anhui irrigation meter price is economical and affordable, products throughout the country, we have welcomed the understanding, Anhui irrigation meter price quotation user to consult, we will sincerely for your service.



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