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irrigation water meter Introduction

With rotor type water meter (DN15-DN65) as Lo Wing-meter speed also is a kind of Water Meters. When the water flows into the meter, the impact in the axial direction after the water meter screw impeller rotating wing outflow is proportional to the rotational speed of the impeller and the water flow rate, after the reduction gear, displays the total amount of water through the water meter on the pointing device.

Rotor type water meter: rotor type water meter suitable for measurement of the total one-way flow in small diameter pipes. Such as 15mm, 20mm specifications metering domestic water pipes with caliber. This meter is mainly composed of housing, impeller measuring mechanism and reduction mechanism, and the instruction sheet, it has a simple structure characteristics.
Lo Wing-level meter: Lo Wing-level meter for the measurement of the total flow large flow pipe. Are especially suitable for large industrial water mains and water consumption. The main feature is the large flow capacity, small size, compact structure, ease of use and maintenance.
Lo Wing-meter typically used in flow measurement of the total flow of large pipes. It is generally large businesses and schools, and so would prefer to use Lo Wing-meter, while the opposite is the rotor type water meter is suitable for measurement of the total flow of small flow, so household Water Meters are generally rotor type water meter. Use of water meters is also doing an oversight of our actions, if you waste a lot of water, you will be responsible for their own such behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to use water meters wide.



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