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Woltman water meter.Case material water main six currently on the market use: gray iron, ductile iron, brass, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel. For a long time, most of the water meter with a copper material, mainly steel, long life cycle can be recycled, the production of high energy consumption, heavy pollution in the production process on the environment, and consume more non-ferrous metals. Plastic and copper, plastic and steel, has become an inevitable trend in the development of industrial water meter.
Cast iron shell meter water sanitation has been unable to pass its internal anti-corrosion treatment is not good, a short time will rust, causing secondary pollution of water. Gray cast iron case low tensile strength, poor toughness, corrosion resistance is weak, easily broken when the water meter installation, easy to burst when the winter freeze.Woltman water meter
   Copper Case: phasing out the voice cast iron water meter housing increasingly high, some manufacturers choose to use brass instead of cast iron water meter housing; subsequent copper prices, resulting in a copper shell meter price is too high, and is easily installed outdoors theft, made of cast iron instead of brass water meter housing trend has not formed the climate; our country is a lack of resources of copper, and copper smelting requires a lot of energy, not consistent with the policy of energy saving; leaded brass copper the product, which produces a patina, which is far greater than the toxicity of iron rust on hazards, therefore, the use of brass, and can not solve the problem of secondary pollution.
    Plastic water case not only can solve the secondary pollution, water meter copper shell expensive cast iron water meter and other issues exist, but also prevent the installation of Water Meters in the outdoor copper theft solutions. The nylon shell meter meter, is the material of choice in recent years, plastic water meter, water meter nylon plastic case in the international and domestic market has withstood the test of various conditions. Advantage meter nylon shell that health, security, cheap, and its strength, anti-aging, creep side, as long as the selection of appropriate, sufficient to meet the normal needs meter; nylon strength after water absorption will be significantly decreased, enhanced toughness, strength only 60% of the dry state. The main strength of nylon by adding glass to achieve, glass fiber nylon plastic water meter water meter is a representative product, represents the development trend of the water meter industry.woltman water meter



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