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How to read a brief meter

With the progress of the development of science and technology, people raise the level of thinking of the times, resource conservation awareness has also increased, water is one of the most important.
In order to further raise awareness of water conservation, water was invented. Meter just invented what we call ordinary mechanical watch, then later is convenient meter smart meter. Water meter up to now has entered every household, we can not live without the little "furniture."
In the development of the water meter industry, it is gradually revealed some problems, how to read the water meter becomes a problem of the masses concerned. Most people are only aware of what the meter is not read to understand the methodology, so much water is completely closed MRs said the count, easy to give a sense of insecurity.water meter.
Let me briefly explain to you how to read the water meter in the end should be.
First, tell us about ordinary water meter readings, within the ordinary water is water gear indicator display, gear pointer divided in two colors: black and red. Black is represented by an integer bit, red represents the decimal place. Each pointer has a small dial, from 0 to 9, a few pointers to the school a few digits. If the pointer is between two numbers, take a small one. If the pointer is in 0,9, taking 9. Finally, look at which one is an integer or decimal, the condemnation can be.
Smart meter readings consistent with ordinary water meter readings, the only difference is the more smart meter dial digital display. This allows a more intuitive copy to read Water Meters, Water Meters consistent with ordinary principles, the black represents an integer, red for decimals. Water consumption can be read directly.water meter.
These are some simple methods for water meter readings so that we have an understanding, but also hope that we conserve water and protect water resources.



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