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High quality water meter, Choose SHmeters Meters.

Congratulations Nancy from SHmeters Meters received the order from Tanzania water Ministry of water and irrigation MBEYA UWASA Multi-Jet vane wheel dry type brass body with check valve, Class B, R=80 4 sample to attend the new tender.

In 2012, SH-MECH Meters have win the tender from MBEYA UWASA, 5000 Pieces, the water meter is have a very high remark from clients.

We know, water in Africa area is very few and expensive, and most of the brand in the market is still from European, like Baylon, Zenner and so on, The high price is can’t be accept by most of the family in here. So “Made-In-China” the meters is more and more accept and like by the people here. Now, most of our clients in the region from South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

We believe that SH-MECH Meters will have more bigger market here under the development, Sincerely hope our meters can help more people from the world to save water.

High quality water meter, Choose SHmeters Meters.



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