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Existing restrictions smart meter-SHmeters

Existing restrictions smart meter

Existing restrictions smart meter

Woltman water meter.Currently, the smart meter general power supply in two ways, one is external 220V power supply; the other is a 3.6V battery. On the current situation, the meter application environment is very complex. Many places can not get 220V power supply, even with 220V power supply will increase the number of project cost. Therefore now most of the smart meter with 3.6V battery. Then battery-powered application field can not solve the water meter supply problems. However, there are several disadvantages battery powered:

1 battery capacity
Currently one 18505 battery can be used for ultra-low-power design of the meter with 8--10 years. However, with the growing number of smart meter functions, such as GPRS remote, high-precision measurement, flow rate measurement of high frequency wireless networking with valve-regulated, these are the cells can not afford.
2 Battery size
Smart meter miniaturization future may even directly into the pipeline. The battery will be nowhere to place.



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