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Engaged meter calibration knows-Hmeters

Engaged meter calibration knows: the meter calibration or repeated at different types of parity check table showing error has certain discrete, discrete nature of these is how to generate it? Article with some experimental data, and to start and stop by the static volumetric method, the commutation of static weighing, systematic and random errors piston cylinder dynamic volumetric method of analysis, uncertainty calculations for major items express the value of error is discrete how to produce. and start and stop the static volumetric method to improve the accuracy of proposed improvements.Water Meters.

Test methods: a conventional rotor type water meter calibration fixture at the stage, and then through the water exhaust, control traffic flow at the test point, so that uniform rotation meter at the flow test, the sudden closure of the valve to stop water flow from the water meter to observe the water flow stops from the turn indicator value by inertia.Water Meters.



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