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Advantages of the smart meter-SHmeters

Advantages of the smart meter

Advantages of the smart meter

With the development of Water Meters in recent years, the industry in general electromagnetic Water Meters and ultrasonic water meters do not take this no activity classified as a water meter smart meter. Lo Wing-meter, water meter rotor with moving parts of mechanical water meters. Smart meter relative to the mechanical meter has many advantages.Woltman water meter

Smart meter advantages:
1 energy saving, smart meter is powered by batteries, power is very small, but also save a lot of meter reading personnel.
2 green, smart meter Sound Guangci way to measure the flow rate of water, the use of non-contact, will not cause secondary pollution of water.
3 measurement precision.
4 long-term preservation of historical data.
5 controllable water, household water can be controlled.
Smart meter can steal water alarm, water notice, payment reminders, water quality monitoring. Stealing water alarm, if the user stealing water meter can automatically alarm, superior handling requests. In some cases water may be cut off. Trailer without water, if water needs water, water meter can remind users what time without water, ready to remind the user to do without water. Payment reminder, if the user's prepaid water has been used up, the meter can remind users to pay. Water quality monitoring, water quality meter can detect and display the current water quality is qualified.
In the era of big data, smart meter plays an important role in data collection and storage. If large data compared to a skyscraper, it is the only meter skyscraper foundation. The Foundation directly supports it as high as the sky building, provide strong support for the building. Smart meter can collect water temperature, water quality, real-time curve of water. Based on these data, the use of cloud computing and cloud storage.



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