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A new smart meter - small-caliber ultrasonic meter

Abstract primarily explain the principles of the smart meter, in contrast to ordinary water meter have the advantage, and future development.Water Meters
Keywords smart meter; ultrasonic meter
I. Introduction
With the development of modern microelectronics technology and manufacturing processes, water increasingly high degree of intelligence. Relying on advanced electronic measurement instruments, ultrasonic, laser, electromagnetic measurements, represented quite mature. Chip high-speed computing speed and advanced means of communication, existing mbus, tcpip, 485, as well as future quantum communication applications.

Two smart meter feature
First, what is the smart meter. Smart meter should have the following conditions:
1. metering section to the non-contact measurement, such as measuring the flow rate of the water using ultrasonic, electromagnetic, optical, etc., instead of the existing mechanical.
2. The meter can store and display data, including flow velocity, temperature, pressure, device status, current time data.
3. You can control the water off, remote control of water supply.
4. You can communicate by way of the host 485, mbus and other remote, real-time monitoring and control.
5. Automatic alarm status, even accounting.

Three advantages of smart meter
Smart meter advantages:
1. Energy saving, smart meter is powered by batteries, power is very small, but also save a lot of meter reading personnel.
2. Environmental protection, smart meter Sound Guangci way to measure the velocity of the water, using a non-contact, will not cause secondary pollution of water.
3. Measurement precision
4. The long-term preservation of historical data
5. The controllable water, household water can be controlled.
Smart meter can steal water alarm, water notice, payment reminders, water quality monitoring. Stealing water alarm, if the user stealing water meter can automatically alarm, superior handling requests. In some cases water may be cut off. Trailer without water, if water needs water, water meter can remind users what time without water, ready to remind the user to do without water. Payment reminder, if the user's prepaid water has been used up, the meter can remind users to pay. Water quality monitoring, water quality meter can detect and display the current water quality is qualified.Woltman water meter
In the era of big data, smart meter plays an important role in data collection and storage. If large data compared to a skyscraper, it is the only meter skyscraper foundation. The Foundation directly supports it as high as the sky building, provide strong support for the building. Smart meter can collect water temperature, water quality, real-time curve of water. Based on these data, the use of cloud computing and cloud storage.

Four members of the smart meter: Ultrasonic Water Meter
Ultrasonic water meter after years of development, in line with all aspects of the smart meter standards. Table below shows the ultrasonic eliminating mechanical parts, simple structure, compared with the traditional water meter, reduce a lot of volume.

Five principles of the ultrasonic meter
The principle of ultrasonic water meter: ultrasonic wave propagation in the flow of the fluid, the velocity of the fluid with ultrasonic velocity vector will be superimposed. When the ultrasonic fluid in the same direction, plus speed of the fluid velocity of ultrasonic velocity; when the ultrasonic fluid is reversed, the deceleration rate of the ultrasonic velocity of the fluid; in general, the measured velocity of the fluid in the fluid upstream and downstream and put an ultrasound sound and receiver, so the upstream and downstream received ultrasonic wave will produce a time difference. Therefore, by receiving the ultrasonic wave can be detected velocity of the fluid, and thus converted into traffic. According to the monitoring of the way, can be divided into time difference method, the speed difference, frequency difference, Doppler method, correlation method, such as different types of ultrasonic flowmeter. The current conventional ultrasonic water meter is the speed difference method and the difference method. Ultrasonic flow meter by the ultrasonic transducer, and electronic circuits and cumulative flow display system consists of three parts. Ultrasonic transmitting transducer converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and transmitted to the fluid to be measured, the receiver receives the ultrasonic signal, the electronic circuit is amplified and converted, then calculated the processor, eventually get to the velocity and flow of information supply meter display and totalizer display and totalizer, thus achieving flow monitoring and display. Features: Enables dynamic flow rate is low, wide turndown ratio, high measurement accuracy stable. No moving parts inside the unimpeded flow element, is not affected by impurities in the water, and long service life. Output communication range to meet all types of communications and wireless networking requirements.
Six ultrasonic prospects
Ultrasonic water meter with excellent low flow detection capabilities, can solve many problems of traditional meter, more suitable for water gradient charge more for conservation and rational use of water resources, has broad market prospects and use. Particularly small-caliber ultrasonic meter, its diameter is generally in DN25 or less, suitable for residential water use. The implementation of the country's current meter reading to the home, "a form, a household water meter, meter reading home" means a home user to install a water meter, water meter installed in public places housing, water supply enterprise metering for each household, according to household metering charges. According to the Ministry of Construction requirements documents, user tables should be in the project under the premise of "water meter family", so that "a one meter, meter reading home." A transformation of a table, according to the property unit or property owner voluntary application by the water companies to use transformation plan, the transformation cost of the property unit, property rights and the relevant departments to raise reasonable bear. In this trend, small-caliber ultrasonic meter meter will become the dominant market. In the next period of time, there will be a large number of small-caliber ultrasonic meter on the market to use, provide an effective measurement tool for the accurate measurement of water conservation and water piping residents.
Seven Conclusion
With the development of science and technology, the smart meter's performance will continue to improve for large-scale, real-time meter reading and laid a solid foundation.irrigation water meter

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