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A Brief History of the meter-SHmeters

A Brief History of the meter

A Brief History of the meter

From 1825 British Ke Lusi invented a truly balanced tank water meter instrument features since the development of Water Meters for nearly two hundred years of history. China's water meter use and production of a late start. In 1879, Li Hongzhang to make arrangements for the Navy, the Port Arthur to create China's first water plant. In 1883 the British colonialists in Shanghai to establish a second water plant, water began to enter China. With some coastal cities have built waterworks, to the 20th century's, when the Shanghai Guanghua Machinery Factory (now Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Factory predecessor) and other production meter section from imported parts. For a long time, the water meter Britain, France, Japan, Germany and other countries has been dominated by China water meter industry, these different varieties and specifications meter complex, due to the different standards, not interchangeable parts, after the water company to bring a water meter repair great difficulties.

After the liberation in 1949, with the development of urban water supply, industrial water meter in China developed accordingly. Since 1955, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other cities water company has started the production of Water Meters. The early 1980s, water industry under the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Shanghai Institute of Automation Instrumentation Industry Organization, in accordance with prevailing international water meter standard ISO4046 requirements for small caliber water launched eight pointer, the overall design of the impeller of a unified national water meter . Unified design and plastic parts of the water meter, water meter for the organization of specialized production has created favorable conditions, greatly promoted China water meter industry progress and development, to meet the development needs of urban and rural water industry growing. In the 1990s, China's sustained and rapid development of economic construction, water industry is the rapid development, and the total number of enterprises have more than doubled, while a variety of intelligent water meter, water meter reading system and other products have begun to rise. Accurate measurement can save resources, please choose a regular large production of water meters.



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